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"striving with the same soul" (Phil 1:27)

“He then who has observed with intelligence the administration of the world, and has learned that the greatest and supreme and the most comprehensive community is that which is composed of men and God -- for these only are by their nature formed to have communion with God, being by means of reason conjoined with God -- why should not such a man call himself a citizen of the world, why not a son of God, and why should he be afraid of anything which happens among men?"
Epictetus, Discourses, 1.9.3

About Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy is a tool for practising philosophical meditation for improving one's behavior and character. It is a form which accesses a database I've created of hundreds of texts from Greco-Roman moral philosophers (including Christian and Jewish texts) to guide in the practice of philosophical exercises and for being reminded of moral advice.

Instructions: If you do not select any author(s) or keyword(s) and press Submit, you will receive a single, random text. Choosing multiple authors or keywords results in a single, random text from any of the authors with any of the keywords.

Most texts consist of a concise summary of a few sentences or paragraphs based on consulting the source in the original language. When a source is given in quotation marks, it is my own translation (what I call an interpretive translation, meant to elucidate the philosophical language and context). All texts presented here are my own summations or translations and I reserve all rights to my work in part and in whole. The texts are made available here for the sole purpose of guidance in philosophical exercise. Keywords are provided in order to give you a means of focusing on a particular area of therapeutic need or of personal interest and not necessarily for study. References are cited so that you can do further research and to enjoy the full text of these works.

I have created this first version using LiveCode, a cross-platform scripting language, connecting to a MySQL database. In order to accomplish this under the present configuration, I've had to include this in Soul Share by using an iframe, which has some limitations. I expect to port this to PHP and eventually make it into a Drupal module.

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