Soul Share

"striving with the same soul" (Phil 1:27)

“He then who has observed with intelligence the administration of the world, and has learned that the greatest and supreme and the most comprehensive community is that which is composed of men and God -- for these only are by their nature formed to have communion with God, being by means of reason conjoined with God -- why should not such a man call himself a citizen of the world, why not a son of God, and why should he be afraid of anything which happens among men?"
Epictetus, Discourses, 1.9.3

About Soul Share

The name Soul Share has a double meaning. It can refer to sharing ourselves -- our thoughts, feelings, and actions -- with each other. It also refers to the ancient Greek concept of friendship in which friends were people so close that it was like sharing the same soul. The primary principle here is that humans are capable of progressing towards a goal of full maturity as humans by practicing philosophical (or "spiritual") exercises within a community of friendship. This was the core of the practices Paul taught to groups of people, mainly gentiles who had become influenced by a form of Hellenistic-Jewish philosophy, who were meeting within the social construct of the Roman household with Paul functioning as a philosophical advisor.

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