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"striving with the same soul" (Phil 1:27)

“He then who has observed with intelligence the administration of the world, and has learned that the greatest and supreme and the most comprehensive community is that which is composed of men and God -- for these only are by their nature formed to have communion with God, being by means of reason conjoined with God -- why should not such a man call himself a citizen of the world, why not a son of God, and why should he be afraid of anything which happens among men?"
Epictetus, Discourses, 1.9.3

Welcome to Soul Share

Welcome to the social community website Soul Share, currently under development. This site is designed for people who are interested in how to live a Christian life based on the philosophical principles in the letters of Paul of Tarsus and to make use of current internet technologies for building community.

"... he [Felix] ("who had a more precise knowledge of the practices of the Way") summoned Paul and heard him concerning his allegiance to Christ Jesus ... discoursing on justice, self-control, and the impending judgment" (Acts 24:24-25).

For more about this site and its host, read the description page and the host's bio. Try out the Soul Therapy Tool and learn about it. Two interactive areas are the Soul Share School and the Soul Share Dialogues. The host is also providing participants with his translation of early Christian writings, beginning with Philippians and Romans.

"At that moment a fire was kindled in my soul, and I was possessed by a love of the prophets and of those men who are friends of Christ. While thinking about his words, I concluded that only this philosophy is trustworthy and suitable. So then based on these reasons am I a philosopher. I would wish everyone to become inflamed like me and not reject the words of the Savior. For they contain an awe-inspiring quality within them, and are capable of persuading those who have strayed away from the correct path, and becoming a pleasant relief for those who focus on them. So if you care for yourself, are making an effort to achieve well-being, and are committed to God (since you are not opposed to God’s action), it is available to you -- by you acknowledging the Christ of God and becoming a morally mature person -- to have a flourishing life” (Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho 8.2.3-8.2.9).

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